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Join the Efforts to Bring an End to Child Slavery

At Retrofoam of the Carolinas, we understand the helplessness of receiving bills for utilities that continue to increase year after year. That is minor compared to the helplessness of families that have had their little ones taken from them and the helplessness that is felt by those in bondage and away from loved ones. While many of us are infuriated with the reports of human trafficking, many feel helpless in knowing what to do to rescue those that have been abducted.

When we found out about Operation Underground Railroad, we realized that we had found an organization that we could support that could do what we couldn’t. We hope that you will join us in our support of Operation Underground Railroad. Look over their website. Check out their videos on YouTube, follow them on social media.

Retrofoam of the Carolinas will donate $10 to Operation Underground Railroad for every home that we are able to service, and we invite you to match us. If you can give more, we will match it.


Thank you for supporting this amazing organization,

The RetroFoam of the Carolinas Family


Gardy's Story

We invite you to read Gardy’s story. Told from the perspective of Gardy’s father, Guesno, and OUR’s founder, Tim Ballard, it’s the story that got this organization moving, and the story that helped us at Retrofoam of the Carolinas get started in the fight against human trafficking.