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How Does The RetroFoam Injection Foam Installation Process Affect The Exterior Of My Home?

Unlike replacing traditional insulation, which requires removing drywall from the interior of your home, RetroFoam injection foam can be injected into the exterior walls from the outside of your home. Learn how injection foam insulation is installed into the cavities of walls without damaging the aesthetic of the exterior of the home.
RetroFoam of the Carolinas Crew Installing Injection Foam

At RetroFoam of the Carolinas, we get a lot of questions. One of the most frequently asked questions our potential clients ask is how we are able to install foam into the cavities of their walls without damaging the aesthetic of the exterior of their home. The explanation is actually less complicated than you would think, and it is way less of a hassle than if you were going to replace the existing fiberglass or cellulose that is in most homes.


Unlike replacing traditional insulation, which requires removing drywall from the interior of your home, RetroFoam injection foam can be injected into the exterior walls from the outside of your home. A typical installation day would look something like this:

  • A crew will arrive at your home, usually consisting of four RetroFoam team members. The foreman will talk with you about the project as a whole and what you can expect.
  • The crew will prep the exterior of your home by making sure that objects around your home will be covered and protected.
  • Next, they will begin drilling holes in the exterior of your home. This process will look slightly different depending on your home’s type of siding.
    • If a home has traditional siding such as wood, aluminum, or vinyl, the crew will remove a piece of siding from around the house. Then they will drill a series of 2 ½ inch holes into the stud cavity. After installing the foam, the hole is plugged, and the siding is replaced.
    • If a home has stucco or brick siding, crew members will drill the holes directly into the brick or stucco. After the crew is finished filling the wall cavity with foam, they will fill the hole with mortar and then paint it, matching the paint to the surrounding area.
  • Once the injection process is over, the crew will clean up, and the foreman will go over the installation and warranty paperwork with you before leaving you to relax in your newly insulated home.

When the job is finished, passersby will be none the wiser when looking at the exterior of your home. What will be noticed is an increase in comfort levels both inside your home and in your bank account.


Now that we’ve talked about the exterior of your home, what about the interior walls? Is there a chance that the pressure of the foam will cause the drywall in your home to bow or crack? The short answer is yes, but it is extremely rare. It usually occurs when the drywall has not been professionally installed. Please do not let this deter your interest in RetroFoam. We, like the Boy Scouts, wish to leave your home better than we found it. If your drywall receives any damage, our highly trained crew will fix it. 


One might be wondering how the injection crew will know when the entirety of the wall has been filled with injection foam. To ensure that we are providing the best product and service possible, crew members will run the injection hose to the top of the wall and to the bottom of the wall. If they find that there is something hindering their ability to put the hose all the way to the top or bottom of the wall, they will drill an extra hole to ensure that all of the nooks and crannies are being filled with foam, thus ensuring that your home will have an airtight seal.

However, because we cannot see through walls, there may be an off chance that an unseen obstruction may cause an area not to be filled with foam. If this is the case, please reach out to us, and we will happily come out to your home to fix the problem at no cost to you. 

If you find that you still have more questions or are interested in having RetroFoam installed in your home, please reach out to us. We are ready to help!

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