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How Much Can You Save When You

Foam Your Home?

RetroFoam customers report savings on their monthly energy bills of up to 50% from having RetroFoam insulation installed in their homes. 

The amount of money you will save on your energy bills after a RetroFoam of the Carolinas foam insulation install depends upon a few factors:

  • The age of your home
  • How your home is constructed
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your thermostat settings
  • Electrical usage

Is Savings on Energy Bills Real?

Saving money on energy bills from the installation of foam is something that happens everyday. Yes, it is real!

How Does RetroFoam Help You Save Money?

Whether it is injection foam or spray foam, RetroFoam creates an air seal, or a building envelope around your home. This prevents your HVAC units from constantly cycling to keep your home at comfortable temperatures. 

The US Energy Department said that over HALF (yes, that’s over 50%) of the household energy spent is used for air conditioning and heating units. In the Carolinas and Southern Virginia, we are all too familiar with the constant hum of the AC unit from March through October.  

Foam keeps air from transferring or leaking in or out of your home which keeps temperatures inside your home stable and gives your HVAC unit a break resulting in lower energy bills. 

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