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Retrofoam Let’s Talk Foam

Spray Foam For New Home Construction

Foam Insulation for New Construction: An Investment in Your Future

One of the most important decisions to make with a new construction home is how it will be insulated. It is a decision that affects your finances in both the present and the future.
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Are You Getting the Right Value From Your R-Values?

Insulation is rated on its ability to slow conduction. The “R” in R-value stands for resistance to conductive heat flow. The number that is attached to the R-value is how resistant the insulation is.
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Foam Insulation: Let’s Go Green

I was impressed. There are not a lot of products out there that can do the job of air-sealing, insulating, and even sound-dampening with so little environmental impact. I am very happy that I didn’t have to worry about what was going into the walls of my home.
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RetroFoam of the Carolinas Injection Foam Insulation Project

Spray foam and Injection Foam; Why You Need It and What’s The Difference?

At RetroFoam of the Carolinas, we specialize in injection foam and spray foam. They are two very different products. Read on to learn how they can work together to make your home a healthier, more comfortable place to be.
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Energy Savings: Remembering The Good Old Days

If I could have saved thousands of dollars over the last 20 years, what could I have done with that money? And even though I'm sure I'll still be wishing for the prices of the good old days, I like knowing I won't look back 20 years from now and wished I'd saved more today.
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Reclaim Your Square Footage With Injection Foam Insulation

Reclaim your square footage and make it all livable again. Are parts of your home like a sauna in the summer or a freezer in the winter? Learn how creating an air seal with foam insulation can make all the rooms in your house liveable.
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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: Creating an Air-Sealed Envelope For Your Home

With summer now in full swing, our incredible southern heat and humidity are just getting started. It is important to address the air leakage we can't see just as much as the ones that we can. Learn how creating an air-sealed envelope with spray and injection foam can keep you cool, save you money, and help extend the life of your HVAC.
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Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Roosters? How RetroFoam can Help with Noise Reduction

How do you make your home quieter? Many homeowners report they can hear a difference in outside noise while the installation of injection foam is taking place. RetroFoam fills every gap and crevice, getting a great seal every time and dampening sound.
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Couple looking at high energy bill and trying to figure out how to pay it

Summertime! Keep the Air Conditioner from Running Non-Stop

I have always assumed that because we are in the south, the AC cycling all the time is expected. Then I learned it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on and learn why.
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Injection Foam Insulation: What Is It? How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever considered updating or even getting new insulation for your home you will have seen the myriad of products on the market. Learn more about foam insulation, what it is, how it works, and how it can save you money.
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