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Products For Dampening and Reducing Sound

No place with air can ever be 100 percent soundproof, as sound travels via air. But there are ways that you can dampen sound to improve your auditory experience. Learn three products that help lessen the noise.
Sound Dampening and Reducing sound

Growing up, we had neighbors who lived behind us. These neighbors had a teenage son who dreams of being the next great drummer. He was really talented, but it was hard to appreciate his skill when trying to focus on homework or take an afternoon nap. There were a few occasions when one of my sisters (whose room happened to be at the back of the house) went over to ask him to keep it down. Both of our homes could have benefited from some soundproofing.

It is important to understand that no place with air can ever be 100 percent soundproof, as sound travels via air. But there are ways that you can dampen sound to improve your auditory experience. Let’s talk about three ways that you can lessen the noise.

Sound Reduction

There are two ways to soundproof. The first is called sound reduction. The purpose of this type of soundproofing is to keep noise out. My childhood home could have benefited from this as it would have helped keep the noise of our drummer friend out of our home.

Sound Absorption

The second way is called sound absorption. Sound absorption stops sound already inside a space from echoing in that space. Our drummer friend could have benefited from this soundproofing in his practice chambers. There are a ton of different types of products that you can use for soundproofing. Here are a few common options.

Products for Dampening and Reducing Sound

It makes sense that if sound travels on air, and you want to keep sound from entering your home, you would also want to keep air from being able to move freely throughout your windows, walls, and doors. Here are a few options to help:

  • Sound Reducing Spray Foam
    Sound reducing foam is applied to existing walls and between floor levels. (If you don’t want to have to remove drywall to spray foam, you should ask about RetroFoam. RetroFoam is injected into existing walls without the mess of ripping out drywall and the hassle of reinstalling it.)
  • Acoustic Caulk
    Acoustic caulk seals cracks around windows and doors where air can move freely. Additionally, it blocks air, it will also help block sound.
  • Acoustic Window Inserts
    These inserts fit into existing windows and because they are clear, you can see through them. It just adds an extra layer of sound protection. You will notice the most improvement if your windows are antique or single-paned. They are not as effective on double-paned windows.

If you have a room in your home that always seems to have an echo, you might want to try these options:

  • Sound Absorbing Wall Panels
    These panels are hang on your wall to absorb the sound waves that would otherwise bounce off your wall’s solid surface. The cool thing is that you can get decorative wall panels and create your own unique piece of installation art. They work best on large flat surfaces and walls without doors or windows.
  • Acoustic Floor Tiles
    These absorb sound during impact and from anything nearby that makes noise. These work best in rooms known for lots of echoing.

There are a lot of options for soundproofing a home. As mentioned above, RetroFoam of the Carolinas has products that can help you with this. To find out more about how our product can help reduce outside noises that are entering your home, check out our blog, “Trains, Planes, Automobiles, And Roosters? How RetroFoam Can Help With Noise Reduction.” 

Talk to someone today about how RetroFoam of the Carolinas can help. Contact one of our foam specialists. We are ready and waiting to help!

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