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Estimate your foam insulation project

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**Please Note: Due to rising material prices minimum charges may apply

How much will it cost to better insulate my home?

Our budget calculator above can help you identify the high and low ranges of your project. Of course this calculator isn’t a substitute for one of our project managers to issue you a formal quote. 

Our project managers are able to help you prioritize and phase your project where necessary and are also able to apply discounts based on various factors. Click through the calculator and then submit a request to meet with a project manager to see what they can do to help you!

Affording Foam Insulation

What happens if we can’t stand another hot day in our home but we don’t think we can afford to insulate our home? We do offer financing for our projects and we invite you to talk to our project managers so they can help you get qualified.

Financing Options from GreenSky
Finance Your Project
Financing for GreenSky© credit programs is provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or familial status. NMLS #1416362; CT SLC-1416362; NJMT #1501607 C22
2521 - 12 Months No Interest, No Payments - (84 Principal Pmts)
1129 - Mixed Rate 0% for 12 Months Followed by 9.99% for 120 Months
2716 - Reduced Rate 6.99% for 60 Months
2721 - Reduced Rate 6.99% for 84 Months - (78 Principal Pmts)
2631 - 18 Months No Interest, with Payments (84 months) - (66 Principal Pmts)

What impacts the cost of an Injection or Foam Insulation project?

The best way to get an accurate price on an injection or foam insulation project is to reach out to our team and talk with a project manager. 

There are several factors that impact the price of a foam insulation installation. 

Size of the job

     The size of the job is determined by the actual volume that will need to be foamed. The more volume, the higher the cost.

Difficulty of the job

     This includes things such as the number of stories, the type of exterior siding, and the amount of prep work involved.

Local building codes 

     Climate zones throughout the Carolinas and Southern Virginia are different and will have different code requirements.

One of our concierge team members would be happy to help to connect you with a project manager for a more accurate estimate.



Most energy providers of natural gas or electricity provide rebates for making your home more energy efficient. Reach out to your energy provider to see what rebates they might have available for insulating your home. 

Another option for reducing the cost of RetroFoaming your home is to look for any tax credits that are available. Often there are tax credits available for increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Check with your tax preparer to see if tax credits are available.