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Reviews & Testimonials

Retrofoam of the Carolinas

We had RetroForm of the Carolinas install foam insulation on the 22nd of February. We are very, very pleased with the product and the personnel that performed the application. We have already noticed a vast improvement in our temperature retention during day and night.

We are completely electric in our household. In the past our house did not retain the temperature with the heat pump/air conditioner coming on often. Since we have had our insulation installed, the house has maintained a constant temperature without the heat pump/air conditioner coming on often.

We highly recommend the application and the personnel that came and installed the insulation. We have also noticed we do not hear the outside noises like we used to.
- Roger & Pat
Elgin, SC
Retrofoam spray insulation is a must for every building, barn, shed, home etc.... it definitely works and will save you money in long run on top of making you feel better everyday! Jennifer is on point as your lead contact coordinator and she is super nice and very knowledgeable about this business and Mark came out to look over everything and give suggestions as far as possibilities for your own personal project, again super nice and very easy to talk with about anything. If you’ve ever thought about spray foam insulation or you’re on the fence deciding, you will not be disappointed in this team and their services. Give em a call!
- Terry
I highly recommend RetroFoam of the Carolinas and their product.

When my wife and I bought our brand new home, we were extremely upset to find that the two street facing upstairs bedrooms were 5-10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house in the summer and at least 5 degrees colder in the winter. A brand new home and two of the fours bedrooms were miserable.

When Retrofoam of the Carolinas arrived at our home, they were professional and efficient. Right away I noticed a decrease in the noise from outside. I saw through the window that my AC unit was running but I couldn't hear it anymore. And now that the air leakage has been addressed in all of the walls of the house (including part of the garage that the builder didn't put any insulation in), my AC unit is getting a break. I look forward to getting my next electric bill and realizing savings there. We are grateful to RetroFoam for giving us the use of those two bedrooms!
-Chad H.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Retrofoam came and installed injection foam to my house. They were very professional and knowledgeable. The job was performed in a timely manner and the clean up was excellent. I recommend these guys to anyone. Thank you very much Retrofoam of the Carolinas.
- Shane P.

Our 1903 farmhouse had no insulation in most of the walls. The interior is a mixture of shiplap and beadboard overlaid in some places with sheetrock.

We asked Retrofoam to inject insulation inside the existing wall cavities and spray foam on the underside of the roof deck in the attic. The walls have been completed. Jason recommended waiting until later this year to do the roof deck due to material price fluctuations. The team used a hole saw to cut out a small circle from each wall cavity and then inserted a hose to fill it with insulation, first down into the cavity and then injected the foam as they pulled out. They then repeated the process by reinserting the hose up into the cavity, and again filled it with insulation as they slowly withdrew. Jason was up front regarding the aesthetic impediment that cutting the circles would cause and spent time discussing alternatives. Once we decided on injecting from the exterior, they were careful to remove the vinyl before drilling the holes.

Humans will always err; but how one responds to a mistake makes the difference. When we did the final walkthrough a piece of vinyl that did not make it back into place was noticed. The team jumped into action pulling out the ladders they just put away to deal with it immediately. I didn't even have to ask; all it took was the team lead to notice it and the team fixed it without hesitation. There was also an out of the way section of upstairs wall that was missed during the initial installation. I myself didn't realize it had been missed until they had already left. The team was extremely apologetic, acknowledged the problem, and didn't waste any time returning to finish the job.

RetroFoam was courteous, thoughtful, and efficient throughout the entire process. When Jason and Mark first came out to look at our project, they took the time to walk around the house and give thoughtful suggestions, recommendations, and point out potential pitfalls. The team lead who was on site the day of the job called to let us know they were coming. Not only were they ~15 minutes early, but the lead actually apologized for it! They took great care to clean up the site when they were done by washing off surfaces where foam had dropped and returned outdoor furniture to it's proper place. Everyone who stepped foot on the property was respectful and I would have no problem leaving the team at home alone with my family. It has been a pleasure communicating with Jennifer to work through the details of scheduling and follow up. She has been relentless at ensuring I was satisfied with the job and has provided a frictionless experience throughout the process.

There has been a noticeable (positive) difference in the comfort of the house since the job was complete. The house sits very close to the road. It's actually only a foot off the right of way and there are two factories, a school, and a fire station in close proximity. The roar of diesel engines and hotrods passing by is not unusual. We did not insulate with the intention of reducing these disturbances, but once done, we were amazed at how much quieter it is. There's little that can be done to completely eliminate the sound of sirens and the loudest transfer trucks given the circumstances, so don't mistake me for saying this insulation is a silver bullet. But I was surprised at how much it did help. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of motors as I used to.

The other big difference that we have seen so far has been in the humidity level in the house. We are expecting our new HVAC system to be installed within the next few weeks. Our old one had a coolant leak so it doesn't really do a very good job of cooling. There are still days, typically when it is raining hard or is in the mid-high 90s with high humidity that are still somewhat uncomfortable. (But that's an HVAC problem not an insulation problem.) The vast majority of days have still shown a dramatic improvement in the comfort level of the house.
- Thomas S.
Great crew of young men. They did a great job. Very good experience from beginning to end. If you need spray foam insulation, this is a great company.
- Richard T
The crew from RetroFoam handled our project great from start to finish. The team was very professional and got everything done the way we expected. Would definitely recommend!
- Shaun W.
Very smooth transaction and easy to do business with. Jason was a great help. I had a small extension done on a property where foam needed to be injected between the rafters. They also did 3 interior walls.
- Alan E.