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Retrofoam Insulation for Basements

RetroFoam of the Carolinas is the perfect permanent solution to begin turning your basement into a comfortable living space.
RetroFoam of the Carolinas is the perfect permanent solution to begin turning your basement into a comfortable living space.

transform your basement

Not every home in the Carolinas and Southern Virginia is able to have a basement. Which means there’s a reason you bought a home with a basement. But have you found that it isn’t quite the comfortable space you wanted it to be?

Having a comfortable living space starts with comfortable temperatures. Basements are notorious for air leaks and extreme temperatures- but they don’t have to be. Stop air leaks and fluctuating temperatures by creating an envelope seal with foam insulation.

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How Do You Know Your Basement Needs Some Retrofoam of the Carolinas TLC?

Your Basement is

You Feel a Draft
Around the Rim Joists
or Walls

You are Experiencing
Condensation Issues

Your Basement
Doesn't Have Any

What is the Retrofoam Install Process for Basements?

RetroFoam of the Carolinas Spray Foam in Basement

RetroFoam of the Carolinas has a very simple and convenient install process. 

  1. The area is prepped. Anything that might be affected by the spray area is covered by a tarp or plastic
  2. The crew starts spraying
  3. After the foam has been installed, the RetroFoam crew cleans up the area and removes any and all prep work that was put down. 
  4. The project foreman does a final walkthrough with you to make sure everything is up to your satisfaction

Benefits of RetroFoaming your Basement

Save Money on Your
Energy Bills

Foam insulation stops air leaks, which means your HVAC isn’t using up energy that leads to high energy bills. 

Maintenance Free and Comes With a Lifetime Warranty

Foam insulation is designed to be maintenance free, and if you ever experience a problem with your foam installed by RetroFoam of the Carolinas, we offer a transferable lifetime warranty

Stops Fluctuating

Too hot, too cold, and hardly anywhere in between. Foam insulation creates an envelope around your home preventing air leaks and fluctuating temperatures.

Foam Insulation for Basements FAQ's

Foam insulation performs the best because it provides the best thermal resistance, and it establishes the air seal which is crucial to have on the outermost layer of your home. 

Foam insulation is designed to be maintenance free. You never have to worry about adding additional layers of foam or worrying about it breaking down like you do with other insulation alternatives. 

There are several areas of the basement that should be considered for insulation such as the ceiling, walls, and rim joists. 

You have several options for adding insulation to your basement if the walls are made of concrete blocks:

  1. You can add spray foam directly into the walls
  2. Stud the walls out and frame out your basement then install the spray foam in the cavities
  3. Use injection foam by injecting the foam insulation into the cores of the blocks throughout the entire wall

Yes, if you have drywall already installed you can insulate your walls with foam. Our crew can drill holes into the cavities, inject them with foam and then patch over the holes.

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