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Retrofoam Insulation For Crawl Spaces

Spray foam is the MOST effective insulation material for combating crawl space moisture problems and fluctuating temperatures.
Spray foam is the MOST effective insulation material for combating crawl space moisture problems and fluctuating temperatures.

Why Crawl Spaces?

Crawl spaces smell, rot, and, after being visited by many other living creatures, are just gross.

Living in the southern United States, we are all too familiar with humidity and the moisture that hangs in the air. This moisture clings to traditional insulation in a crawl space and soaks into the wood, causing rot.

Without the proper type of insulation, heat and cool air are easily lost through the floor of the home. Foam insulation in your home’s crawl space not only helps to preserve the air quality of your home but also reduces your energy costs.

Benefits of RetroFoam Insulation
For Your CrawlSpace

Temperature and Moisture

Spray foam encapsulates the whole area in the crawl space, establishes an air seal, and provides thermal resistance. 


Spray foam in your crawl space is designed to be a one-and-done solution. And it is covered by a transferable lifetime warranty

Keeps Allergens

When mold and mildew form in fiberglass insulation, they create allergens, which seep through the walls. Foam does not hold moisture, thereby keeping those allergens from coming through the floors into your home.

RetroFoam of the Carolinas Install Process for Crawl Spaces

RetroFoam of the Carolinas has a swift and efficient install process for crawl space insulation. Unless you have a vast crawl space, it typically takes only one day to complete.

  1. Once our crew arrives, they will review the scope of the project to make sure expectations are the same
  2. Our team removes any existing insulation
  3. We lay down the vapor barrier, and the spray foam is installed, creating a complete seal (including the joist)
  4. Before leaving, the project foreman will do a final review of the install with you, the homeowner, and make sure you are happy
  5. We review any final paperwork and head out

Crawl Space Foam Insulation FAQ's

Crawl spaces vary in height. 18-inches is the minimum height that we need to get in there, lay down the vapor barrier, and complete the job. In situations where the clearance is much smaller, there are options. However, we recommend that you have a project manager look and let you know what can be done.

What type of spray foam we recommend depends on the situation of the crawl space. Your project manager will be able to provide a recommendation based on the condition of your crawl space.

Spray foam does help with the issue of freezing pipes. However, several other factors affect whether or not your pipes freeze. If the lines run through exterior walls, you’ll want to make sure the exterior walls are also properly insulated.

RetroFoam’s spray foam is the best choice for insulating the crawl space of your home because the crawl space needs to be insulated with a material that does not retain water. Using a vapor barrier on the ground and completely sealing it to the walls preventing any dirt and moisture from entering when the HVAC system pressurizes. 


Fiberglass insulation can be an attractive choice due to the cost. And, let’s not forget that it is what most builders use to ‘just meet code.’ But, fiberglass can trap moisture which promotes the growth of mold and mildew. It also traps allergens that can seep into the air inside of your home.

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