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Greg E.
Greg E.
Apex, North Carolina
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This is a top-notch company from the customer service reps to the installation crew... Really blown away by the dedication and commitment to service. They finished up their 2-day project today and we couldn’t be happier with this decision. The bonus room over the garage has always been 20-30°F higher/lower than the outside temps for summer/winter (respectively). After just 1 day, the storage spaces in that bonus room were no more than 5° warmer than the bonus room itself (in the afternoon!) For reference, outside temp today was about 85°F which meant that those store rooms would get above 100°F within 2 hours of daylight...

This was definitely an investment that we’re happy we made!
Roger & Pat
Roger & Pat
Elgin, South Carolina
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We had RetroForm of the Carolinas install foam insulation... We are very, very pleased with the product and the personnel that performed the application. We have already noticed a vast improvement in our temperature retention during day and night. Since we have had our insulation installed, the house has maintained a constant temperature without the heat pump/air conditioner coming on often.

We highly recommend the application and the personnel that came and installed the insulation
Milton L.
Milton L.
Fayetteville, North Carolinas
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Outstanding team service and all around customer service care from start to finish! The home insulating service was money well spent and worth the value for longterm - better HVAC performance!

Thanks for providing 5-star level of service care in customer service excellence
Thomas S.
Thomas S.
Advance, North Carolina
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RetroFoam was courteous, thoughtful, and efficient throughout the entire process. When Jason and Mark first came out to look at our project, they took the time to walk around the house and give thoughtful suggestions, recommendations, and point out potential pitfalls...There has been a noticeable (positive) difference in the comfort of the house since the job was complete...The other big difference that we have seen so far has been in the humidity level in the house.

Why Choose Retrofoam?

Lower Energy

Homes with RetroFoam insulation don't have to run their HVAC units like their neighbors and typically save up to 50% on their monthly energy bills.

Stabilize room Temperatures

RetroFoam insulation stops air leakage keeping the temperature inside of your home consistent between rooms.

EXTEND LIFE OF Heating and Cooling Systems

When room temperatures are able to remain stable without the constant running of the heating and air systems, the life of your HVAC is extended.

Create a Healthy

RetroFoam insulation is free of fibers that can retain allergens, cause dust, and irritate skin and airways. 

What Areas of A Home Can Be Foamed?

Retrofoam's injection foam and spray foam are designed to establish an enevelope around your home, creating an air seal that prevents air leakage.

This means that RetroFoam can be applied to the areas of the home that separate the house from the outside world.
Create an air seal and prevent air leakage with retrofoam

RetroFoam can be injected into wall cavities from either the outside or inside of your home.

RetroFoam of the Carolinas can install spray foam to the roof deck of the attic or the floor of the attic to create an air seal, increase R-value, and prevent air leakage.

When insulating basements, we recommend insulating the ceiling, walls, and rim joists to establish the air seal needed to stop drafts, condensation, and air leakage.

After laying down a vapor barrier, RetroFoam of the Carolinas uses spray foam to insulate the walls of the crawl space and rim joists. This creates an air seal that prevents drafts and condensation.

To prevent drafting and condensation build-up along the rim joist, RetroFoam of the Carolinas applies spray foam to the rim joist providing you with the air seal your home needs to stay comfortable.

RetroFoam of the Carolinas can add spray foam or injection foam to the walls of your garage to help stabilize temperatures and turn your garage into a more comfortable and usable space.

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why retrofoam of the carolinas?

We Know Foam. It's Our Life

Our mission is to help homeowners minimize their energy waste and create more energy-efficient, healthy, quieter homes. 

RetroFoam of the Carolinas is operated by a fun-loving team of construction professionals with over 25 years of experience in the industry. The team comprises service-minded, problem-solving people that are excited to talk to you at your level of expertise. 

Happy clients and energizing relationships are what get us up in the morning. We are always quick with a smile, and always excited to talk with anyone about how to make their homes more comfortable.

Providing foam insulation services to Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas including:

Blythewood, Cayce, Chapin, Elgin, Forest Acres, Irmo, Lexington, and West Columbia.

Let's Talk Foam

Fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you within one business day.

The conversation should last as no more than 10-minutes. We’ll ask you some questions that will help us understand your insulation needs and to put together an estimate.


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Trains, Planes, Automobiles, & Roosters? How RetroFoam can Help with Noise Reduction

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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: Creating an Air-Sealed Envelope For Your Home
With summer now in full swing, our incredible southern heat and humidity are just getting started. It is important to address the air leakage we can’t see just as much as the ones that we can. Learn how creating an air-sealed envelope with spray and injection foam can keep you cool, save you money, and help extend the life of your HVAC.
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